We provide trust and estate administration services in alignment with the family’s team of advisors, including their accountant, attorney and investment advisor. Pendleton Square looks to this group as partners, supporting their businesses, as well as ours, with a focus on the needs of our clients.

How does Pendleton Square assist Advisors in building their businesses?

We are your outsourced trust resource. We walk alongside you to transition trust accounts to build your assets under management and serve your clients in a thoughtful way. From the initial review process to asset onboarding activity, our platform is advisor friendly. By providing these additional resources, you are able to deepen your client/family relationships.

Do you compete with investment advisors or sell investment or insurance products?

Pendleton Square is your trusted partner, not a competitor. We view investment management and trust administration as two very different skill sets. We do not sell proprietary investments products or provide investment management advice. We simply are a trust administration services company.

What custodial platforms do you utilize?

Pendleton Square works with most custodial platforms. We defer to the financial advisor to choose the best platform to fit their client investment needs.

What do you do as a trustee?

Pendleton Square provides trust administration services to your client/families. We make distributions, consolidate assets held in the trust, provide account statements, educate beneficiaries, and coordinate tax reporting.

How is Pendleton Square compensated for trustee services?

Pendleton Square is compensated for trustee services based on a percentage of assets under administration or a negotiated annual fee. The investment management fee is charged separately by the financial advisor. We do not charge fees to assist advisors in reviewing trust documents or to propose a transition plan. For information about our trustee compensation schedules, please contact us.

Request Pendleton Square’s trustee compensation fee schedule, preferred document language and new account onboarding FAQs.

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