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When it comes to creating and administering a trust, families want a trusted partner who listens closely to their needs and desires for the generations who will inherit their wealth. Pendleton Square takes the journey with you, understanding that life unfolds – sometimes in small steps and sometimes in major milestones.

We are a fiduciary who understands your needs are unique and customize our approach accordingly. Our senior team is ready to help meet your needs and reach your goals. With our experts in trust and estate administration, we will complement and align with your other advisors in estate planning, legal services, insurance and tax.


Trust Administration is our core business.  We believe that good trust administration fulfills the wishes of a donor and enhances the life of a beneficiary.  It requires an experienced team with a diverse knowledge bank of trust law, asset administration, wealth strategies and family dynamics.  Our trust administration team:

  • Administers the trust in accordance with fiduciary principles, applicable law and the governing trust document
  • Makes mandatory and discretionary distributions, and pays third party expenses as provided by the trust
  • Maintains accurate records and consolidated reports for the beneficiaries
  • Coordinates with your investment advisor to plan for both near and long-term needs
  • Manages or holds special assets, such as real estate, closely-held stocks, partnership interests, or family heirlooms
  • Processes the trust’s tax return or provides tax reporting
  • Guides and educates the beneficiaries in the details and nuances of the trust

At Pendleton Square, our definition of a trustee goes a step further.  We add the importance of being a partner, a communicator, a problem solver, a teacher and always offering our clients beneficial and usable technology and innovation.

The Pendleton Square team administers a broad range of trusts, including but not limited to:

For further information, contact our Pendleton Square trust team.


Handling the estate of a loved one who has died may be one of the most difficult jobs that anyone will face.

Choosing Pendleton Square Trust Company’s experienced Estate Services team as your independent Executor, Co-Executor or Agent for a family member who is named Executor will help take the burden off grieving beneficiaries and provide confidence that the multitude of estate requirements will be handled with exceptional care.

Our Estate Services include:

  • Administering the estate per the terms of the will
  • Paying bills, bequests and distributions
  • Managing special assets such as real property, collections, LLCs, family businesses or partnership interests
  • Maintaining estate records and a complete account of the administration
  • Coordinating with your attorney and other professional advisors
  • Keeping beneficiaries regularly updated

For further information, contact our Pendleton Square Estate Services team.


Pendleton Square Trust Company offers a full array of services to private family foundations, including administration, grant-making support and philanthropic advisory services. We may help a family identify their initial charitable interests and goals or help with a more complete plan that involves strategies on how to involve rising generations. Charitable giving is often personal and can mean different things to different families and foundations, so Pendleton Square tailors our approach based on each individual client.

Philanthropic Advisory Services

  • Charitable goal setting
  • Giving strategy
  • Research gifting opportunities
  • Governance structure and board composition
  • Succession planning
  • Next generation philanthropy

Grants Management

  • Manage grant process
  • Due diligence on grantees
  • Verification of tax status
  • Correspondence
  • Cash management with investment advisor
  • Reporting
  • Tax Return oversight
  • Materials for annual board meeting
  • Online grant applications

For further information, contact our Pendleton Square Philanthropy Services team.


Pendleton Square’s Flexibility in Roles

Pendleton Square can customize the role we play based on the specific needs of our clients.   We consider all options that are available and customize a solution to fit a specific situation.

For Trust relationships, Pendleton Square can assume the following roles:

  • Trustee
  • Co-Trustee
  • Agent

Similarly, for estate relationships, Pendleton Square can assume the following roles:

  • Executor
  • Co-executor
  • Agent

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

Contact us today to talk about your unique situation and find out more about our services.