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At Pendleton Square Trust Company, we help nurture, sustain, celebrate, and strengthen generations. We believe a trustee is:

Understands the value to listening and communicating. The trustee strives to understand the grantor’s concerns and wishes for their family. The trustee listens to the beneficiary’s requests and communicates based on the unique needs of the beneficiary.

Approaches situations as a problem solver, understanding the beneficiary’s requests and potentially finding alternative solutions. The relationship should be proactive and objective, not reactive, with the avoidance of bias and conflict. Collaboration with other advisors is key.

Respects the grantor’s wishes and the impact of the trust on the beneficiaries. The trustee partners with the family to accomplish the goals and intent of the trust document.

Empowers the beneficiaries by explaining the trust provisions and helping them understand the legacy and intent of the grantor.

Understands trust and tax laws and the assets within a trust. The trustee should be supported by a technology platform that enhances the client experience, have access to consolidated reporting, and possess a clear commitment to accuracy.