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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Betsy’s background at larger institutions and the entrepreneur “bug”
  • The changing Wealth Management Industry
  • The desperate need for independence and customization for clients
  • The appeal of Tennessee as a legal jurisdiction, a growing business haven, and a nexus for diversified businesses
  • How this led her to the formation of Pendleton Square Trust Company.
  • The development of her support system and the importance of having a community of entrepreneurs to lean on and share ideas (and opportunities!).
  • The importance of story-telling in communicating, not just to the families she speaks with, but the market at large
  • The influencers in her life that provide her “north star”.
  • This is a particularly fun I get to see this up close as I work with Pendleton Square Trust Company to bring the message of benefits of Tennessee law to the advisors for family offices, foundations and fiduciaries in the Northeast and beyond.

A Frazer Rice Podcast

Betsy Brown

Betsy Brown, CEO of Pendleton Square Trust Company, serves families and advisors to deliver trust and estate services. She is passionate about developing thoughtful legacy plans and educating beneficiaries.