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Betsy is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pendleton Square Trust Company and serves as a Director of Pendleton Square Holdings, LLC. Pendleton Square is focused on building multi-generational family relationships, executing family legacy plans, and partnering with family advisors for investment management. Before Pendleton Square, Betsy worked at Cumberland Trust and JPMorgan Private Bank, serving families throughout the Southeast. She was also a Director with SunTrust Robinson Humphrey’s Corporate & Investment Banking group for over a decade.

I’m joined on the podcast this week by Betsy, who shares her vision for the Pendleton Square Trust Company and why she is passionate about building a company that has heart and soul and puts relationships first. Betsy also describes how her faith connects with the work she does and outlines some of her spiritual gifts, including the gift of administration, organization, building relationships, and helping families navigate significant life events.

“Always show up with a positive attitude and a grateful heart.” – Betsy Brown
“We wanted to put relationships first and understand family legacy .” – Betsy Brown
“Our mission is to guide generations forward to sustain and protect family legacies.” – Betsy Brown

This Week on The Wow Factor:

  • Betsy’s experience of growing up with an entrepreneurial mother and the lessons she learned about creating community in a business
  • The four tenants that aligned perfectly for Betsy to create the Pendleton Square Trust Company
  • The advantages of having the business in the state of Tennessee
  • How Betsy helps her clients preserve the long-term family relationships they already have
  • Why Betsy is so committed to building relationships
  • How Betsy came up with the right name for her business
  • What Betsy envisions for the mid-term future of the Pendleton Square Trust Company
  • The typical profile of Betsy’s clients and why she loves that her company grows with families
  • How to create a digital checklist of information for families
  • Betsy’s passion for The Jump Fund, an angel investment fund focused on investing in female entrepreneurs with high growth, scalable companies in the southeast

Betsy Brown’s Word of Wisdom:
Stay positive, even through tough challenges. I always go back to my father’s great advice because he taught me early on to always show up with a positive attitude and a grateful heart.


Betsy Brown

Betsy Brown, CEO of Pendleton Square Trust Company, serves families and advisors to deliver trust and estate services. She is passionate about developing thoughtful legacy plans and educating beneficiaries.